Re: nukes in texas

Anders Sandberg (
24 Dec 1998 11:53:59 +0100

Spike Jones <> writes:

> reason i mentioned it: one security device had me place my hand upon
> a grid. it somehow measured the resistance between digits. they
> say the resistance pattern is different for each person, even
> identical twins, it cannot be fooled by any known technology and
> very seldom fails to correctly identify the person (seldom turns
> down a legitimate hand). if we have that, why do we need credit
> cards? seems like that would be foolproof and unstealable.

I'm not entirely sure I believe that explanation. It could be an impendance measurement, they can determine a lot of weird tissue properties that might be individual (I had a teacher on my biomedical engineering course who was the local guru on this area; he used it to check the condition of transplanted kidneys). My guess is that it is a hand/fingerprint scanner of some kind.

Or maybe EvMick's grandfather was right and it really is alien technology :-)

Merry Newtonmass!

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