Re: irrational atheists

Spike Jones (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 21:49:12 -0800

> > them so closed minded and resistant to ideas. the former
> > fundamentalist turned atheist is appalled by her or his former notions...
> Damien S wrote: And what of atheists who were never religious in the first
> place? Who were
> raised in an environment where God was absent, and have never seen reason to
> take the idea seriously?

these would be analogous to those who were born into the homes of parents who are politically either reactionary or radical and who agreed with their parents politics. the theory does not insist one must arrive at athiesm or agnosticism from some other point.

personally, i rather envy those who are born into atheist/agnostic homes, eliminating need to expend intellectual energy getting to reality. (see how closed minded i have become... {8^D )

> And what of other religions?

i dont know. anybody? i assume other religions must have something analogous to christianity's spectrum of belief. dont the jews have reform, orthodox, and conservative? muslims the sunni and whats the other brand? i dont know what buddhists have. {8-]


damien whats a nurk? spike