Re: irrational atheists

Spike Jones (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 21:50:51 -0800

Terry Donaghe wrote:

> Well, Spike, where do you put us agnostics? Especially those of us
> who are about 99% atheist but choose just a tiny bit of wriggle room
> for some devine revelation?

agnostics are to the left of the lefty religions such as universalist/ unitarians. if you scan the literature of these lefty groups, they really dont believe much of anything. {8^D by your description of yourself, you and i are pretty much agreed with respect to religious beliefs, but probably arrived at the same point via different routes. i confess to having started at the far right (fundamentalist) and moved to the right from there.

one aspect i still share with fundy religionists is that we are both, well... sure of ourselves, sure of our current positions, and consequently in danger of being closed minded. im not pointing fingers, for i know that three point back at me... {8^D

> I certainly don't consider myself right of the fundamentalists...

agnostic would be to the right of the athiest. athiest to the right of the fundamentalist.

> I prefer to think of your line of religion as the line of irrationality.
> I think that honest atheists, those who come to thinking that way out
> of rationality, are somewhere above or detached from the line.

perhaps. these analogies break down if you push them too hard, but they do offer some insight methinks. spike