Re: Extropian Statement??
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 18:44:22 EST

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<< Wow! Amazing news! Not only very big but on a large scale! You should pass
this info on to Max More. I know he'll want to put Nostradamus on the Extropian reading list.
Holiday wishes!
John Thomas
Toward the Omega Point!

I cant tell if you're making fun or are really excited, I hope it isnt the first, because I didnt say it was true and I cant stand a**holes. Of course, if some of his prophecies are true like they say, it's worth at least knowing about! I remember in the 80s he was supposedly predicting an earthquake in california and it didnt happen, but to see the exact words he uses yourself is most important, because some people are saying "He's predicting WW3 in July 1999!" which is not distinctly insinuated in the paragraph, I believe a phrase he uses in reference is "The King of Terror", of course the context is just as valid, but to me it does imply something extrordinary. I'll try and find the exact phrase somewhere soon.