Re: MEMS: Brains, Uploads, and Limbless Bodies

my inner geek (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 03:08:06 +0800

Anders Sandberg <>:

> The little "worm" will not be that small if you want to keep things
> like thinking, language and memory - then you will need almost the
> whole of the brain (around a kilogram of squishy neurons). Which
> doesn't handle g-forces well.
> Of course, you could replace the squishy neurons with something more
> durable like nanocircuits, and then you would get a liliputian upload.

How much of the lilipution upload needs to be carbon based in order to preserve [a familiar sense of] sentience?

> What is the need of quantum in all this? Why can't you use ordinary
> telemetry?

What kind of bandwidth do you need for [distance no object] remote sensing with [familiar] sentience?