Re: META: Gentlefolk, please maintain include trimming discipline

den Otter (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 11:06:20 +0100

> From: Michael Lorrey <>

> den Otter wrote:
> > Are you sure about this? I've never gotten this complaint before, and
> > I don't get any extra copies from Julien either. Perhaps the problem
> > lies with *your* email system. Does anyone else get attached copies
> > of messages? I use MS mail, btw.
> YES, I know. Your email is coming out as HTML coded, so while my
> netscape can handle it, and make it look nicer than plain old ascii, it
> is a bit more than plain old ascii mail reader like to handle.

I see. Apparently someone/a glitch had changed the settings on my mail program from plain text to HTML. It should be fixed now...