Re: BASICS: Re: Socialism <> Extropianism

Dan Fabulich (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 14:42:43 -0500

Here's a few ethical questions for you:

  1. Does equality matter? If so, how much?

Ex: Suppose I had a magic button in my pocket. If I press the button, one group of people magically gains x (where x is something "good," created out of thin air) and another group gains Y, where Y is much greater than x. Morally speaking, should I press that button?

2) Suppose Alice and Bob are in a two-person communist society. Let us also suppose that Bob is greedy. Bob notices that Alice is making various goods. Can Bob use all of the goods Alice is making? Or should his access to the goods be restricted in some way?

Since this society has only two people in it, would that mean that Alice is exerting property rights over Bob?