Crime and Punishment

Brian D Williams (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 08:47:14 -0800 (PST)

I thought I would start a new but related thread.

We seem to be of agreement that the U.S. prison system is in need of reform, I though we could share some idea's of how.

First the nature of the criminal.

Murderers in my book as you know receive rehabilitation in the form of seconal, pavunol, KCL.

Violent criminals I'm not sure should ever be released.

Sex offenders only when we are sure they will not offend again, which tends to put them in the violent class in my book.

Drug offenders do not even belong in jail, as far as I'm concerned. If society insists on making drug use a crime, this should be handled with counciling, and community service.

I am of the belief that most of a prison sentence should be punishment, even if that punishment consists only of being incarcerated.

I've been thinking that the last year of a sentence should be different. There should be extensive counciling, and work towards job training and placement. Sort of like the civilian re-adjustment lectures we received when leaving the military.

I don't think anyone in jail should be released unless they are at least GED equivalent. And certainly basic literacy is a must. I think any other programs should tend to be voluntary, to encourage people to see the benefit of correct decision making.


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