Re: Surveillance Technology

Paul Hughes (
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 20:00:08 -0800

den Otter wrote:

> You're welcome, Paul. However, I must say that your Acid solution was
> funnier still..."When logic, and proportion, have fallen sloppy dead..."
> Perhaps we could refrain from any further insults and respect
> each other's good intentions. After all, that's all they will ever be...

I've actually tried very hard over the last week not to insult your position, but your solutions to these issue are quite frankly very difficult to take seriously. I have always tried to respect other peoples opinions no matter how extreme, but I'll be frank when I say that someone of your obvious intelligence advocating a tyrannical police state is probably the most offensive thing you can say short of calling me names or physically injuring me. So I will continue to call it as I see it: Your position is extreme and elitist. As an up-wing libertarian, your position is at the exact opposite side of the spectrum as mine. If I had to classify it - I'd say you are an extremely right-wing authoritarian, even by American standards. Short of name calling, I see no significant difference between you and a particular right-wing party prominent in Europe in the 1930's and 40's. Except in this case, all you have managed to do is eliminate what was politically expedient then and substitute it for more legitimate criminal activity now. Your methods and means of political execution appera to me identical in all other respects.

Gathering by the relative silence on this list in response to your political suggestions, I felt more apt (regardless of my future reputation on this list) in speaking out. Call me irrational, or emotional, I could care less whether I meet the standards of a 'Spock' or 'Data' . I am neither a Vulcan or an android, I care about my freedom, and I take great offense when intelligent people like yourself taking a swipe at it - so be it...

Regarding my LSD solution, which unlike yours has actually been tested, actually works. What evidence do you have, outside of your own mental fabrication, that your ideas have any merit at all?

Paul Hughes