Re: Surveillance Technology

den Otter (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 13:07:07 +0100

> From: Paul Hughes <>

> > My mind is just totally boggled by this thread; it's so obviously absurd
> > that I can barely imagine anyone on this list actually taking it seriously.
> > Things have definitely gone downhill since I started reading it four or
> > five years ago.
> Don't worry Mark, I stopped taking this thread and Den Otter seriously when he
> first jumped in to the Death Penalty debate (see my response to his first
> post). His views are so absurd, I couldn't respond to anything else he said
> because my stomach was hurting from laughing too hard.

You're welcome, Paul. However, I must say that your Acid solution was funnier still..."When logic, and proportion, have fallen sloppy dead..."

Perhaps we could refrain from any further insults and respect eachother's good intentions. After all, that's all they will ever be...

-Peace, brother