New OS?

Christopher Whipple (
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 21:59:18 -0500 (EST)

As I've just recently signed myself back onto this list, I missed the beginning of the New OS thread. While the contribution I have to make on this subject isn't exactly about a new /OS/, but as a shell replacement for the Windows environment.

I've been using the environment Litestep ever since the first release -- it's a NextStep-like shell, complete with wharf, right-click menu, 4 virtual desktops, and configurable step.rc and modules.ini.

It's fun if you're stuck on a Windows machine when you'd rather not be. The shell executable is around 12k and it's a modular system. I've found it to be more stable than explorer.exe as well.

So, what's my motive to post such propaganda to the list? What do I get out of it? Well, the shell was made by kids. And being a child myself I just thought that it would be an interesting thing to share with the list
-- the majority of which is made up of adults.

If you're interested, it's