Re: Rationale: No New OS.

my inner geek (
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 19:48:01 +0800

Eugene Leitl <>:
> We don't need a yet another OS: there is a number of powerful but
> virtually unknown OSses out there: VxWorks, OS 9, Taos, Plan 9,
> Mach, Hurd, L4, diverse ForthOS'ses and lots of crazy experimental
> whatnots.

O.K. Gene. In an earlier note I mentioned a time machine game, and said "We're in 2020, you're in 1998".

I retract that. I'm in 2010. You're in 2050.

See the following URL:

Here's a fantasy scenario: So and so calls up Texas Instruments and says "Give Drexler's cult whatever they need to build a broadband wireless internet with distributed computing. They can go home to their jacuzzi's in their backyards in Silicon Valley and sit around and take bong hits while figuring out how to keep all the unemployed telecommunications and information industry workers busy. We'll send them a piles of special series U.S. $20's in manila envelopes. Even give 'em coke or speed if it will help them focus and get some work done. I hope they come up with something that can be programmed easily from their wall mounted flat panel displays."

"Send that Gene guy a ticket to get to Silicon Valley and stay there. He comes up with some good head trips on the extropian list, but their way too busy with erudite acronyms and chip fab terminology. Let's see if he can come up with a fucking shopping list instead, so I don't sound like too much of a fool when commanding the CEO's of Motorola and TI to give him his chips. Hopefully, the spec's will fit on a page or two, because I don't feel like lugging a notebook around on the golf course."