Re: Gender and Cognitive Style

Anders Sandberg (
20 Nov 1998 11:08:20 +0100

"Joe E. Dees" <> writes:

> The reason I brought up gender differences in cognitive style rather
> than bodily morphology is because it would not be the bodies of
> people which would be uploaded, but their minds. If gender
> differences in cognitive style are pronounced enough to be
> measurable over a large population to a statistically significant
> degree, it would seem to introduce a further element of complexity
> into the uploading project. Multiple connectionist schema within the
> cybernetic upload site might be required to accommodate the
> possibly distinct neural network patterns underlying these cognitively
> stylistic differences (verbal/aural vs. visual/spatial being the most
> documented and notable). Comment ca vu?

Since uploading would require a quite general process of neuron emulation, I don't see the least problem. After all, it would have to deal with brains much more dissimilar than brains of different genders (old brains, young brains, possibly damaged brains). A likely upload process would "simply" scan the connectivity and type of neurons and build a software emulation based on this; relatively little prior knowledge about brain structure need to be assumed if the scan is at a sufficiently low level.

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