Re: System Security

Anders Sandberg (
20 Nov 1998 11:03:49 +0100

"T.R. Fullhart" <> writes:

> Both of you are making very good points, but do you see the underlying theme
> of your discussion? Open systems, evolutionary behavior, diversity. These
> sound like natural phenomena to me. The have proven to be valuable resources
> for change and survival in nature. Why should computers be any different?
> I suggest that we follow a very Taoist attitude and instead of trying to
> fight problems, we adopt a more observational attitude and apply techniques
> that have worked in natural systems to systems that we develope. If it
> worked for mother nature, I'm sure it will work for us. Let us not reinvent
> the wheel.

I agree with you, but also remember that nature didn't invent the wheel. Some solutions are distinctly non-natural but work well too. One shouldn't be dogmatic about one's non-dogmaticisim :-)

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