Re: Cellular Proposals and "Bypass Technology"

my inner geek (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 18:48:37 +0800 (Dan Clemmensen):

> I got the info form an article at sometime last
> week.

> One of the most important goals of the G3 specification is to create
> a world-wide standard so that you phone will work anywhere.

Thank you. It will be nice if we extend the definition of "phone" to include any communications system (including high fidelity systems):

  networked computer              (a.k.a. PC with web connection)
  portable audio receiver         (a.k.a. AM/FM radio)
  portable video receiver         (a.k.a. VHF/UHF battery-powered TV)
  home audio receiver             (a.k.a. home hi-fi stereo)
  home audio transmitter/receiver (a.k.a. speakerphone)
  home video receiver             (a.k.a. television)
  home video transmitter/receiver (a.k.a. videophone)
  mobile phone                    (a.k.a. full dux two-way radio)  

Somehow, I forgot to use the word "office" above. Maybe those will be things of the past if the G3 spec allocates enough bandwidth?

I wonder if there will be G3 digital equivalents of "scanners"? My guess: no, because the communication channels will be encrypted from end to end using MEMS within the intercell transport infrastructure.