Re: singleton and memetics

J. Maxwell Legg (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 16:05:54 +1300

christophe delriviere wrote:

> So, if we want, for example, to generate an artificial intelligence able
> to really communicate with human minds, the only efficient way i can
> think of is to generate an ecology of many artificial intelligences,
> evolving gradually, communicating with each others and the external
> environment (human minds and cultures) and with selections criterias
> like those of genetic algorithms.
> So, in a post human era, where we can imagine the total available
> (matter+energy) in the solar system is used and where the global
> intelligence can't move too much from his place to go to find a lot more
> of (matter+energy), probably the singleton as a whole identity will be a
> little insane.
> would you want to become insane ?
> any comments ?

As a high functioning autistic person I can tell you its fun to be young and so-called insane while fighting the chauvinistic battle to become one of the future uploaded ekhuman community. Ecsanity does not mean NOT being well balanced within oneself. Insanity is a social construction and like the label 'schizophrenia' it is a disease of a dying society's boundaries. It all depends what side one takes in the constant battle to preserve one's identity; - in my case via latent communication with the unknown programmers who write the code I use.

Granted most insane people are subdued, stigmatized, chemically emasculated and straight jacketed when they come to the attention of the whitecoats; - but not all.
Like a Houdini, I deliberately infiltrated their mechanisms and when I assumed international protected agent status as a cyberian envoy in order to escape this aforementioned fate, it was surprising how polite the security apparatus became. I still have the odd hassle every now and again from over eager pavement artists, for instance just last Monday a ten fingered virus operating tradecraft out of some U.S. blitzkrieg server demolished the 20 gigabyte homepages server where I have a lifetime account. No doubt this disavowed special agent is now having boiling water and ice alternatively applied to what used to be his balls.

Virtually yours,