Re: frieeeeends for sale...

Spike Jones (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 22:07:38 -0800

Berrie Staring wrote: What about " I need somebody to wake me if I have a cryo-contract " If you had all the money in the world, you still could not buy a "friend" who made sure you will be revived....

berrie this is a topic i have spent some intellectual energy pondering. a friend might be little help, for they too might be frozen. or worse.

im thinking one might want to hide one's wealth somewhere, then tell your cryonics organization that you will retrieve and share this wealth upon your successful reanimation. i am a strong believer in what you might call "buying" friends, for the wealthy have no shortage of these, whereas the pauper is despised by all.

the trick is hiding the wealth in a form that will still be valuable decades or centuries hence, and carry it out in such a way that the government would not be provoked to outlaw the practice of cryonics (since it would argue that wealth was being irretrievably lost.) this discussion came up once before in this forum, but new ideas are welcome. spike