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Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:04:18 -0800

Mike, thanks for the info. I did a WEB search and found the guys WEB site.

My god, here is a platform I would actually feel good voting for. For the past ten years I have held my nose and voted to the candidate I disliked the least. Lately I have just been voting libertarian as a protest vote. I figured if the alternative parties got at least 10% of the vote it might wake up the main political parties to get them out of our personal lives. Here is someone who actually could win an election on issues I agree with for the most part! I wish we had someone in California that would run on a similar platform. Any extropians into politics who want to run on a similar platform would get my vote.

Best Ralph

At 10:54 AM 11/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Ralph Lewis wrote:
>> After a rather disastrous surgical post recovery my doctor and I were
>> discussing the restrictions the state now has on doctors which intrudes into
>> the doctor/patient clinical decisions.
>> He mentioned that Jesse "The Body" Ventura Reform party had many of the
>> libertarian ideas. There has been no news coverage on this in California.
>> The play on the election in Minnesota has been of the nature "how strange".
>> Which is interesting California is applying that term to another state. I
>> thought California had an exclusive on it :-)
>> Does anyone have any information on the Reform party and Jesse's election.
>> Was this a voter revolt against intrusive government.
>Minnesota has not had a major party Governor for 12 years. Jesse was at the low
>20's for percentages up until the debates. Hubert Humphrey III demanded that
>Jesse be included in them because he thought that it would hurt his opponent
>more than he. Turns out Jesse did great in the debates and was the only one
>some new exciting ideas, and could talk like a normal human being. It will be
>interesting to see what develops of his administration.
>Mike Lorrey
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