Re: Libertarian question

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 10:54:42 -0500

Ralph Lewis wrote:

> After a rather disastrous surgical post recovery my doctor and I were
> discussing the restrictions the state now has on doctors which intrudes into
> the doctor/patient clinical decisions.
> He mentioned that Jesse "The Body" Ventura Reform party had many of the
> libertarian ideas. There has been no news coverage on this in California.
> The play on the election in Minnesota has been of the nature "how strange".
> Which is interesting California is applying that term to another state. I
> thought California had an exclusive on it :-)
> Does anyone have any information on the Reform party and Jesse's election.
> Was this a voter revolt against intrusive government.

Minnesota has not had a major party Governor for 12 years. Jesse was at the low 20's for percentages up until the debates. Hubert Humphrey III demanded that Jesse be included in them because he thought that it would hurt his opponent more than he. Turns out Jesse did great in the debates and was the only one with some new exciting ideas, and could talk like a normal human being. It will be interesting to see what develops of his administration.

Mike Lorrey