Re: Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Damien Broderick (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 19:01:57 +0000

At 02:46 AM 11/10/98 EST, Greg Burch wrote:

>Thanks -- does that mean we could insert foreign mitochondria into mature
>cells? Is this a shortcut to rev up metabolism?

Prolonged life via mitochondrial repair or replacement is a topic well addressed by the articulate and knowledgeable British expert Aubrey de Grey, who hangs out on He's come up with a new paradigm of mitochondrial ageing that has attracted an amount of interest from his peers (and he's suggested some possible methods, based on that model, for tweaking the system).

I discuss his work a little in my forthcoming THE LAST MORTAL GENERATION - final draft about to go to the typesetters. (Oz publication only so far, due early 1999.)

Damieh Broderick