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Timothy Bates (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 19:58:03 +1100

Hi Max M and list

Writing from lovely Denmark Max said:

>there can be no freedom for the poor.
We are as free as anyone else ;-)

>the free market is probably one of the best ways to distribute wealth.
The market NEVER distributes wealth. It always increases net satisfaction, but it never distributes wealth. Only Gifts and Taxes can distribute.

>But still there are plenty of people who has no money and never will have.
There is no one who has no money. Especially in the sense of has no worth to others. How much would you pay for a life time of houshold cleaning? That is the absolute minimum value. Remember too that economics are never about producing that which you are best at personally, it is always about producing that which you are relatively best at. Even if I am a better cleaner, if someone is a relatively better cleaner, I will pay them to do it for me if I am a relatively better neuro biologist.

>those of us who has property and money also
>give something of it away to those who has not.

Each too his own. There is a thing in the talmud that I kind of agree with. Every 7 years, the fields were left for the poor to cultivate for a year.


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