Re: Glenn and Halloween

Spike Jones (
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 00:13:51 -0800

Kathryn Aegis wrote: I would be curious to know whether anyone sees little trickortreaters dressed as astronauts this year.

no astronauts. plenty of those roswell alien guys with the huge eyes. long broken sigh. {8-[

> My own first recorded memory is one of standing
> in front of the television, watching the first steps on the moon.

mine too kathryn. the radio transmitters used at the time were activated by sound, so if the astronauts started to talk, the first 200 ms of the message would be cut off. they took to saying aaah all the time (aaaah houston aahhh we have a problem). when armstrong stepped on the moon he was so overwhelmed he forgot to speak continuously and preface important words with aaaah. i recall as a young child hearing him say what sounded to me like: small step for man, worp bipe eep horgag scratch.

i was so puzzled. small step? thought my childish brain, that was one hellllll of a step! what do we hafta do to *impress* this guy? {8^D spike