Re: embryfroze

Spike Jones (
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 00:01:00 -0800

> > "ok, spike, its a deal. td"
> >
> > i dont know any td. has anyone seen any post from anyone
> > with initials td? at least i *hope* it was some joker at lockheed
> > that did that. {8^D spike
> "td" = "the devil".
> Michael Nielsen

michael, i believe you are right. i think i know who pulled this gag. he is a rare example of a person who is a believer in a particular religion (catholic) but still maintains a sense of humor. we were recently discussing the notion that at the moment of conception, the newly formed embryo receives a "soul". i asked him whither goeth that soul if the embryo gets frozen? and whither cometh that soul when the embryo is thawed and implanted? and whither, if that embryo is flushed down the drain, thereby thawed, temporarily resuming its cell division, only to perish?

he thought and thought, finally uttering the following statement, verbatim:

"I do not like the idea of *freezing* embryos."

end of discussion. true story. {8^D spike