QUESTION: Post Singularity Disease Control

my inner geek (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 16:35:24 +0800

Active-shield based virtually infinite computing resources performing operations logistics management to steer people around like toys makes a lot of sense.

Simply make everybody's dreams come true simultaneously: pairing supply with demand on the level of personality profiles.

Essentially automating the dating and mating game, hooking up need with gratification, problem with solution.

No more need for the Center for Disease Control. Simply herd the herpes boys into charmed contact with herpes girls: aids patients with each other, syphilis carriers with others, etc.

This improves significantly on celibacy, in my opinion.

However, I still haven't figured out the most technologically efficient and ethically practical birth control.

No need for natural reproduction. But is vasectomy a better solution than outright castration? Who needs sperm-meets-egg when a blood sample taken to the local geneticist will do just fine?

But, what's the best mass sterilization implementation plan? Can male sterilization be performed without forcing the boys from the hood to go under the knife. I'm not so sure they'll go for that.

Maybe some sort of chemical in the water supply?