RE: Amusing anti-cloning arguments

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Mon, 26 Oct 1998 15:19:04 -0000

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Subject: Amusing anti-cloning arguments

>If smart people like Pizulli and the other intellectuals who have written
>in opposition to cloning become so irrational when dealing with an issue
>like human cloning, we'd better watch out for their response when we're
>talking about altering human nature and making technological changes far
>more interesting and far-reaching that copying a person's genes.

Since virally everything we discuss on this list will involve altering the status quo
in fairly drastic ways we should be very aware of the possibility (likelihood?)of, (possibly violent) opposition to these changes. I wouldn't care to speculate on how much unwanted attention we're getting now but I'd
bet on a _drastic_ increase as soon as some of our ideas start to become technically feasible.
I don't have a good answer to the problem other than awareness and a concerted attempt to stay as far ahead of the curve as possible.