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Mon, 26 Oct 1998 08:29:44 -0700

One thing I've noticed, even in the better Y2K efforts I've been involved in is that very little is being done to address dependencies _outside_ a given organization.
The push is to get internal systems Y2K compliant but little is done about outside data feeds _or_ the possibility that vendors may suffer massive collapses themselves.
My impression is that this is even worse outside the US.


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> >I had a really serious talk recently about going to a remote cabin with:
> >1) water from a well
> >2) wood burning stove
> >3) lots of dehydrated food for "deep storage" of several months supply of
> >food
> >
> Why bother with all of that? Just get:
> Heavy sleeping bag, depending on climate.
> 5 gal collapsible water bags - with care, 5 days/bag
> lots of beans and rice
> 2-5 5 gal propane tanks
> gas camp stove & converter for propane tanks.
> condiments for beans and rice

And (especially you folks in the USA) don't forget a couple of guns and a liberal amount of ammunition. ;-) Even during normal blackouts there's usually riots complete with arson, pillage, rape and murder, especially in poorer parts of big cities, and this time blackouts will last longer and they'll be accompanied by all sorts of other technical mishaps and no doubt some year 2000 hysteria. LA, get ready for a rough time...