Re: Mind machines, a badly neglected topic? (Was: Re: Mind Control, 1990s)

den Otter (
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 17:20:38 +0100

> From: Joe Jenkins <>

> ---den Otter <> wrote:
> >Even a machine with just one setting, pleasure, would be
> >an absolutely unbeatable product (and a very transhuman
> >one too: now you control your own emotions). The stuff that
> >dreamsare made of. Now of course follows the inevitable
> >question: why hasn't this been done yet?
> Uh, arn't these called sex toys? :-)

Nope, this one aimes for the ultimate pleasure spot, the head, instead of loitering around the pelvic area ;-) Besides, there are a lot of other possible settings, though "pleasure" would no doubt be the most popular one.

> I've been inventing, developing, prototyping, and testing technosexual
> devices for many years now. I have many extremely unique, but so far
> unpatented designs, some of which would cause you to collapse in
> laughter upon hearing the details. I know *I* did when I first
> thought up the ideas. Many of my designs are intended to enhance
> partner sex, but training has been most effective with solosexual
> activity. I'll be glad to post descriptions and links to the list as
> soon as I have protected my intellectual property.

Please do, I can't wait to see a real "transhuman" sex toy.

> It is a biofeedback technosexual stimulation device designed to teach
> the capability of having a long series of intense orgasms (up to 12
> hours in some test subjects, chemically aided of course).

And they survived?

> stimulation is a complex function of input from a sensor on the PC
> muscle. The PC or Pubococcygeus muscle goes around the anus, across
> the entire pelvic floor, and attaches in front to the pubic bone on
> both women and men. To locate this muscle, simply stop the flow of
> urine. A weak PC muscle will result in urinary incontinence.

I can feel it! (think of the Jackson 5 song "Can you feel it"? when practicing, it might help).

> my machine which develops "fast
> reflexive" muscles designed for extreme involuntary contractions of
> the PC muscle.

So, it's basically one of those things that tone your muscles by means of electric stimulation, but now stuck to your ass? Pretty smooth idea! Why didn't *I* think of that?

> I'm not ready to say much more about my devices on the
> wider list yet, but hopefully will within the next year. That is, if
> I ultimately decide they are transhuman in nature

Ah, who cares, as long as they *work*! ;-)

> The ones with biofeedback from the PC muscle are far too addictive to
> make available as a commercial product and not expect legal problems.
> Of course, I *will* do it anyway :-). Coming soon to a net-store near
> you.

That's the spirit!

> > Now, can anyone tell me: why on earth isn't this product on
> > the market yet? Are there technical problems, or is everyone
> > just missing a great opportunity here? I mean, one could get
> > richer than Bill Gates by making a product that will virtually sell
> > *itself*, and no doubt will change society quite a bit in the process.
> Improper usage can cause injury.

No doubt. Perhaps surgeons specialized in brain tumors will have a field day...

> Improper sharing or cleaning/maintaining can transmit disease or
> infection.

Not with the headset, which I might call "Mr. Feeling" btw.

> Mental and possibly physical addiction.

Oh yess! But at least they'll die happier than they've ever been...

> "For novelty use only"-not applicable because of needed detailed
> instructions

> Limited market for complex learning curve techno devices - no matter
> what the reward.

The beauty of the mind helmet is that it doesn't require any practice or special skills whatsoever; just sit back and be pleasured, or whatever. Push the "lust" button and even your hamster will seem irresistible.