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Fri, 23 Oct 1998 15:36:16 -0700 (PDT)

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>Even a machine with just one setting, pleasure, would be
>an absolutely unbeatable product (and a very transhuman
>one too: now you control your own emotions). The stuff that
>dreamsare made of. Now of course follows the inevitable
>question: why hasn't this been done yet?

Uh, arn't these called sex toys? :-)

I've been inventing, developing, prototyping, and testing technosexual devices for many years now. I have many extremely unique, but so far unpatented designs, some of which would cause you to collapse in laughter upon hearing the details. I know *I* did when I first thought up the ideas. Many of my designs are intended to enhance partner sex, but training has been most effective with solosexual activity. I'll be glad to post descriptions and links to the list as soon as I have protected my intellectual property. However, with one of my devices, I can give somewhat of a description without giving away the farm, because much research is needed to make it work from the description.

It is a biofeedback technosexual stimulation device designed to teach the capability of having a long series of intense orgasms (up to 12 hours in some test subjects, chemically aided of course). The stimulation is a complex function of input from a sensor on the PC muscle. The PC or Pubococcygeus muscle goes around the anus, across the entire pelvic floor, and attaches in front to the pubic bone on both women and men. To locate this muscle, simply stop the flow of urine. A weak PC muscle will result in urinary incontinence.

Many sex therapist think that to keep your PC muscle toned, you should consciously squeeze and release it during masturbation and partnersex to intensify each orgasm. These contractions can be felt in the anus, vagina, clitoris, and penis (if you have *all* of those, your doing very good :-)). They also recommend tightening and releasing it as an exercise throughout the day, to improve your functioning. I disagree with the former and the later for different reasons. Both of which are overcome by training from my machine which develops "fast reflexive" muscles designed for extreme involuntary contractions of the PC muscle. I'm not ready to say much more about my devices on the wider list yet, but hopefully will within the next year. That is, if I ultimately decide they are transhuman in nature, some of them certainly are.

The ones with biofeedback from the PC muscle are far too addictive to make available as a commercial product and not expect legal problems. Of course, I *will* do it anyway :-). Coming soon to a net-store near you.

> Now, can anyone tell me: why on earth isn't this product on
> the market yet? Are there technical problems, or is everyone
> just missing a great opportunity here? I mean, one could get
> richer than Bill Gates by making a product that will virtually sell
> *itself*, and no doubt will change society quite a bit in the process.

Improper usage can cause injury.

Improper sharing or cleaning/maintaining can transmit disease or infection.
Mental and possibly physical addiction.

"For novelty use only"-not applicable because of needed detailed instructions

Body physiology variability, especially in female clitoris and G-spot

Limited market for complex learning curve techno devices - no matter what the reward.

Alleged sexual orientation reversal (someone recently won an award in civil court alleging this due to an auto accident injury)

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