Re: Mind Control, 1965

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Mon, 19 Oct 1998 22:24:31 -0500

T.R. Fullhart wrote:
> B.F. Skinner only used food pellets with his subjects. He did not implant
> anything into the brain of his animals. A "Skinner Box" is just a box that
> has levers in it, when one of the levers is pressed, a food pellet is
> released. Skinner studied classical and operant conditioning, he was not a
> biologist researching the brain.
> Someone else must have used Skinner's work for inspiration that led to
> direct stimulation.

To wit, Olds.

Also see fictional references "Death by Ecstacy" (Larry Niven) and "Mindkiller" (Spider Robinson)., David Pearce's "The Hedonistic Imperative", has some good neurology, albeit pharmacological-oriented.

These links copied from the section of "Algernon's Law" on the cognitive effects of pleasure.

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