Re: Free will (was: Re: Mind control 1965)

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Mon, 19 Oct 1998 22:51:57 -0400

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Scott Badger <>

>I guess I'm using the term free will to mean purposeful action free from
>subconscious or environmental determinants, predispositions, or influence.

Then we don't have free will and I'm glad we don't, otherwise we might as well be deaf and blind because the external world would have no effect on our thoughts or actions. Who wants that?

I don't think a definition is even needed but if you insist on one I still think mine is the best, a being has free will if it can not always predict what he will do next until he actually does it. Turing proved in 1935 that a computer has that property, even a robot does not feel like a robot, it has free will.

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