Re: child rearing

Hara Ra (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 19:14:42 -0800

Mark D. Fulwiler wrote:
> Being a cat lover and having W.C. Field's attitude towards most kids,
> I'm on the father's side. It's a good thing there is a statute of
> limitations, or most of our parents could be sued for child abuse. I
> remember my father belting me, and for good reason, on several
> occasions. And guess what? It did not warp me for life. I have very
> little patience with these "new age" type of parents who try to "reason"
> with their little brats while the little darlings are going on
> sociopathic rampages. Sometimes a few swats on the butt are just what is
> required to get the message across that the child's behavior is not
> going to be tolerated. Child abuse, my butt (pun intended).

"My father hit me, so this is good child rearing" - Exactly the cycle we
must break. I have NEVER had to use any kind of violence to "get the
point across" with my son. How about learning some SKILLS instead of
continuing the violence you have been TRAINED to perpetrate?

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