child rearing

Mark D. Fulwiler (
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 19:21:52 -0700 (Rick Rossi) wrote:

True story this week from Florida: 7 yr. old boy throws tantrum for not
getting his own way, kicks cat in head on way to room. Cat lays there
almost dead. Boy gets 10 smacks on bottom with belt from father, leaves
temporary marks. Boy goes to school, complains his bottom hurts,
examines, sees marks, father gets arrested for child abuse and gets 24
in jail, court appearance and fine.

Being a cat lover and having W.C. Field's attitude towards most kids,
I'm on the father's side. It's a good thing there is a statute of
limitations, or most of our parents could be sued for child abuse. I
remember my father belting me, and for good reason, on several
occasions. And guess what? It did not warp me for life. I have very
little patience with these "new age" type of parents who try to "reason"
with their little brats while the little darlings are going on
sociopathic rampages. Sometimes a few swats on the butt are just what is
required to get the message across that the child's behavior is not
going to be tolerated. Child abuse, my butt (pun intended).

Mark Fulwiler