Re: WIRED 6.01/Technocracy R.I.P.

Max More (
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 11:50:40 -0800

At 12:58 PM 12/30/97 -0500, Brain Atkins wrote:
>Exactly, so when are we going to see Extropy break out of this
>little group and go more mainstream? It's a shame that that
>whole issue of Wired didn't mention us once!

Brian: Yes, it would have been good if extropians were mentioned in the
issue, but I get the impression that you are unaware of how much we *have*
been mentioned by Wired. The second issue of Wired reviewed Extropy
magazine. Not long after that they published a major article on us that
generated over 500 email messages to Extropy Institute. We have also been
mentioned several times in Wired News and on Wired Digital/HotWired,
including an exceptionally popular (judging by the number of comments)
debate between myself and my opponent (I can't remember her name right now).


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