Re: The Violence Problem

Harvey Newstrom (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 09:49:51 -0500

Michael Lorrey wrote:
> A couple good reccomendations for producing well adjusted, non-violent
> people:
> a) require a certificate level license to preproduce
> b) make child abuse a corporal crime
> c) Outlaw divorce while the children are minors. This would a) ensure
> that people thought long and hard about getting married, ensuring that
> only those truly commited would do it, and b) eliminate the severe
> strife that typically occurs between divorcees, using kids as the pawns,
> and c) would eliminate, eventually, families where there is no positive
> male role model.

It seems inconsistent that you would object to Big Brother controlling
your choice to own and use a gun, and yet you cheerfully suggest that
Big Brother control your choice of reproduction, marriage, divorse, and
family role model. Do you really want someone else to define how a
family should live and then force that definition on you and your

What if they decide that your gun ownership makes you too dangerous to
reproduce? What if they consider having guns around your kids to be
child abuse? What if they decide that a gun owner is not a "positive
male role model". I can easily see fanatics making all these decisions
in an attempt to reduce violence by following your very own rules stated