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Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin wrote:
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> > In addition to self protection, another benefit is the recreational.
> > I have found that people who initially purchase one gun for self
> > protection, practice with it a few times, quickly become hooked on
> > the enjoyment of the sporting aspects, and frequently expand their
> > collection beyond that that might be reasonably needed for self
> > defense, unless they planned on a David Koresh-like showdown with
> > federales.
> That David Koresh and company were under-armed for such an event is
> demonstrated fact.
> That they were in fact under-armed as compared to a comparably sized
> group of Texans selected at random, is an equally well established --
> but less well reported -- fact.
> > That 60 million Americans own 200 million guns means that
> > those people own an average of 3.333 guns per capita. Self defense
> > experts will tell you that there really is no reason to carry
> > anything more than one main gun and a small backup, at most. This
> > leaves 1.333 guns in the average American gun owners posession
> > which really has no defensive purpose.
> This assumes that any given firearm will either
> *always* be among the first two choices as a defense weapon, or
> *never* be among the first two choices as a defense weapon.

True. The pediatrician who delivered myself and my siblings had the
habit of keeping loaded weapons in drawers and closets all over the
house, yet his home was still invaded by a biker gang and he and his
wife and kid were shot in the head execution style (not by his own
weapons). My grandfather was his best freind, and a year later when the
feinds were apprehended, he had gone to the trial with the initial
purpose of taking the bastards out. They are all still rotting in jail
thanks to appearances by freinds and families of the victims at parole
hearings (those that are still alive).