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Michael M. Butler wrote:
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> >Fully
> >>automatic weapons are almost non-existent in Canada (outside the
> >>military), and I suspect the same is true for most of Western
> >>Europe. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
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> >Fully automatic weapons have been illegal to the average U.S.
> >citizen since the 1930's.
> Not quite, although that was the intent: average persons who wish to
> acquire a fully-automatic firearm have to pay a $200 tax for each
> firearm, get a local LEO to state in writing that he doesn't mind, go
> through full fingerprinting and a serious background check, and
> (typically) wait up to six months--sometimes to be told at the end of
> that time that the application has been denied.
> I guess anyone who can go through that gauntlet may indeed not qualify
> for the appellation "average". :}
> That's federal; there are different laws in different states. For
> example, in California it's virtually impossible to get a legal
> full-auto unless you are a special-effects supplier to Hollywood such
> as Stembridge.
> As an aside, since the US ban on new manufacture, rumor has it that
> movie companies sometimes hire machinists to build full-autos for a
> scene, shoot the scene and then destroy the weapons, all in flagrant
> violation of the law, just because THE WORLD (not just the USA) wants
> its shoot-em-up entertainment louder and nastier all the time.
> *Sigh*...

THere also is not a ban on manufacture of full auto machine guns. A guy
I know is a federal automatic weapons dealer and manufacturer. Like a
carry permit, it requires a full background check, etc. and is a higher
fee, around $600. I've ripped off a few thousand rounds with him a
couple of times. He sells almost exclusively to law enforcement

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