Re: Gun Owner/Extropians census (was:Re: look out! long-haired gun loon!)

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 07:47:25 -0500 wrote:
> >BTW. I don't think you will find many Europeans on the list, who find
> >private gun ownership in their countries a good idea. I certainly don't.
> However, that's a lot more to do with propaganda than anything else. I
> grew up in England as a typical anti-gunner, then started shooting and
> talking to shooters and realised that what I'd been taught was just
> nonsense. One thing I liked about America was being able to go to a
> friend's house and shoot beer-bottles in his garden, without the kind
> of hideous paranoia we see in Europe; IMHO it's far more civilised.
> As for gun-ownership I don't own any, but I do have an IPSC Practical
> Pistol competition license and would be out shooting if the assholes
> in the British government hadn't banned handguns while I was away. Of
> course I might do a conversion course and get a semi-auto shotgun
> instead; quite why the government considers this less 'dangerous' than
> a handgun is beyond me.
> Frankly I consider gun ownership one of the pillars of a free society,
> and in the long-term I'll be moving somewhere where shooters aren't
> treated like scum.

If you happen to move to the New England area, I'd be happy to sponsor
you in my gun club, help you find suitable equipment, etc.

> BTW, I was highly amused by a radio news report a few days ago that
> the government are having a 'laser pointer amnesty' because people
> have been using them to dazzle drivers; don't know if they've killed
> anyone yet. Looks like British people can't be trusted with anything
> these days.

SOunds like more "save us from ourselves" stupidity.

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