Re: DNA vaccines, pharmaceuticals and freeware

Anders Sandberg (
15 Dec 1997 08:42:56 +0100 writes:

> > > Anders Sandberg <> writes:
> > Why does not linux out-compete Microsoft? (Rhetorical question, let's
> > not start arguing about the merits of free software, please).
> Because you have to know so much more about your computer (and Linux
> itself) to run Linux. If Linux had a shell that acted like Windows,
> it would have a shot at it.

Exactly. And the same goes for freeware genetics and pharmaceuticals:
you need to know more about your body (and genetics itself) to use
them, and most people are just as ignorant of how they work as they
are of their computers. In the DNA vaccine case, I'm not sure even a
good shell would solve the problem. What I really would like to see is
a massive spread of scientific literacy, but I suspect that is hard to
achieve outside the transhumanist movement.

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