Re: look out! long-haired gun loon!

CurtAdams (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 21:27:43 EST

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>Kathryn Aegis:

>> If anyone can explain to me how discussion of instruments designed
>> solely for the killing and maiming of other humans relates to the
>> purpose of breaking out of entropy and moving human evolution along,
>> I will listen.

>Anton's post was one you fealt strongly about, so you
>threw cold water on his enjoyment, and came off as sounding
>rather puritan.

OK, so you have some complaints with Kathryn's tone. That's no
big deal, minor misunderstandings arise on mailing list all the

But Kathryn also had some substantive points, that in her experience
gun work against extropy, based on the horrible damage they often
are used to do to decent, good people (the best source of extropy
these days). I think discussing substantive matters rather than
tone is more likely to produce productive results. She has stated
she is open to evidence. [Correct me if I've mistated anybody's
position here.]

P.S. Sometime a puritan attitude may be the right one to take, IMO.