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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 09:52:59 -0500

> Kathryn Aegis:
> > Kyle Webb:
> > >Geez, lighten up.
> >
> > No, thank you.
> > My reaction to Anton's posting has more to do with my reasons for
> > being on this list rather than the fact that he owns a gun. I'm here
> > to work with others to find the new ways in which humans will move
> > beyond their present state. I'm looking for the new stories that
> > will be told, and the new technologies that will take us there.
> >
> > If anyone can explain to me how discussion of instruments designed
> > solely for the killing and maiming of other humans relates to the
> > purpose of breaking out of entropy and moving human evolution along,
> > I will listen.

Sorry Kathryn. Guns have been in my family for hundreds of years and not
one has killed anyone. They have killed: bear, wildcat, stone sheep (no
not stoned sheep, that wouldn't be sporting), numerous deer, woodchucks,
rabbits, porcupines, quail, pheasant, grouse, woodcock, geese, and
various ducks. As for self defense, my grandfather once had to defend
himself against a wildcat attack. He had a pit in the side of his chest
for the rest of his life, and a wildcat hide to show for it. Guns are
primarily used as instruments to allow us to fufill our responsibilities
as the top predator. You who live in cities have absolutely no idea what
this statement even means. There are on average 100,000 white tail deer
in the state of NH. WIthout hunters responsibly managing the size of the
herd on an annual basis, the population would quickly skyrocket without
any other predators. This would a) cause a huge die-off in a severe
winter b) cause a skyrocketing accident rate from people hitting deer
with their cars and c) attract more wolves to migrate down from Canada
to the point that when the deer population plummets, in order to find
food, they would be reduced to attacking people.

The other two purposes: a) to defend ones life and b) to defend ones
liberty, are entirely in keeping with extropian values.
> > Until then, I find it sickening, and it frightens me in ways I can't
> > explain insofar as our future as posthumans. I mean, what are we
> > working towards, anyway?

We are working towards maximizing human liberty and capability. A gun is
a necessary instrument to defend the individual against statists and

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