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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 09:19:41 -0500

Anton Sherwood wrote:
> Michael Lorrey writes
> : As a caveat I would say: a) I hope Anton has taken, or plans to take
> : in the near future, gun and hunter safety courses, possibly even self
> : defense courses,
> I've been flinging the occasional box of lead for four years now;
> while certainly I have plenty of room for improvement, there's
> little risk of killing myself or the cat. Thanks for your concern.
> : and b) I wish he had bought an American made firearm.
> : I could have helped him acquire, for the same price or less, a new,
> : fully tested and posessing a lifetime warranty, Ruger rifle. When I
> : mean lifetime, I mean LIFETIME. I've seen people send in the most
> : abused, messed up guns to be fully repaired or replaced at no charge.
> : Anton couldn't hope to get that from his Vietnamese arms merchant.
> My Vietnamese arms merchant is an importer in Pennsylvania.
> Three of my friends have SKS so I have ready sources of advice.

An SKS is a nice gun, don't get me wrong. But buying American and
getting a complete lifetime warranty are worth a lot.

> Ceteris paribus I'd rather not buy from Ruger, because of his support
> of evil legislation.

What pray tell, is this "evil legislation"??? If I were to amend my
buying habits for a business man's politics, I'd get rid of all of my
microsoft products because Bill Gates heavily supported the group that
broght the gun registration bill to a vote in Washington state this last
election. I gave, I hear, at least a couple hundred thousand to the
group. (Lord knows, now that I've posted this, Kathryn will probably
dump her Mac and go out and get totally Wintelled.)

> I did look at a Ruger rifle. The sight picture was not as good,
> it didn't feel quite as "right" in my hands, and it was another
> hundred bucks or so (maybe all guns are cheaper in NH than in
> California?).

They probably are cheaper. We have hardly a fraction of the welfare
state that CA has, so taxes of all kinds are lower than anywhere or
nonexistant. I can also get them much cheaper because my father is an
engineer at Ruger. Employees can purchase a gun at 40% discount every 6

As to the sight picture: I have a brand new 10/22 rifle with a bull
barrel and 8x scope. Its pattern is, what is known in the industry as a
"one holer". I shoot a 1/2" pattern at 100 yards.

I also have on loan, a .44 lever action. It has a 2" group at 100 yards.
The accurizing techniques my father is enacting at the plant this winter
should be appearing on new guns in the market by Feb-Mar that will
reduce the group to less than 1" on average.

> : The only thing I would criticize Anton about is that.
> How unimaginative. You could criticize me for *lots* of things
> if you'd been paying attention. <g>

Nothing of late comes to mind. I tend to have a high tolerance level.

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