Re: look out! long-haired gun loon!

Kyle L. Webb (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 14:29:05 -0700 (MST)

Kathryn Aegis:
> Not a parallel example, and not even quoted accurately.
> Matthew 26:6: a woman applies expensive oil onto Jesus's head during the
> 'last supper' and is criticized by the disciples, who say it should
> have been sold for a great sum to buy food for the poor. Jesus' reponse
> is to the effect that a gift should be accepted graciously.

It speaks more strongly to taking the "cause" so seriously that you lose all
perspective. Everything must be for the cause, and far be it for simple human
enjoyment to count for any such. That may not be what you intended, but that's
how your post came across. As did Max's. I have this funny feeling that if
it were something you "approved" of the reaction would have been much
different. Neither post said outright "I disapprove". They rather tried a
sidelong approach of questioning germaneness. Compared to some of the other
posts on this list of late it had more to do with capitalism and the freedom
to do what you want in the face of criticism. That's pretty libertarian
in spirit, and it was interesting to see the reactions to it.
As to the accuracy of the quote, my apologies. I was remembering it from long
ago. I think, however that the insistence on accuracy has more to do with
trying to discredit the poster rather than refuting the point made.
I sense a lot of anger in your posts on this subject. I could largely care less
about the gun debate, and was more reacting to Anton finding something he
enjoyed and seeing someone trying to throw cold water on that enjoyment.
Geez, lighten up.

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