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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 03:27:21 -0500

Anton Sherwood wrote:
> Congratulate me: for $300, I've become an even greater threat to public
> order! Brought home a Russian SKS (guerrilla rifle) today. It's older
> than I am (1952) but, I am assured, still a virgin. Tomorrow we may
> see whether I have what it takes to be a Communist insurgency. <g>
> Lenin famously said the capitalist would sell you (on credit) the rope
> you need to hang him. In the long run, he may have got it backward.
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Ah, you got one of those Vietnamese surplus guns. A freind of mine
(those of you in Seattle may know of him as "Scootch") has been bringing
all sorts of goodies in from there for several years now. Ollie North
set him up with the scheme. He also has for sale several million
various models of M-1A, M-14, M-16, and M-60 carbines and machine guns
that the Vietnamese captured in the fall of Saigon. As you may remember,
we had been shipping tons of weapons over there during our pullout in
the early 70's, to arm the south vietnamese so they could "fight for
themselves", an outgrowth of the "hearts and minds" part of the Pheonix
program run by the CIA. Of course, most of these weapons were still in
their crates when the NVA rolled into town, and are still in their
crates today as they are being sold all over the world. THey've got Huey
helicopters for sale, Cobra gunships, bombs, missiles etc... It would be
interesting to see what sort of cargo cult springs up over time in
Saigon, excuse me, Ho Chi Minh City.
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