And the winner is...

Arjen Kamphuis (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 15:07:53 +0100 (CET)

Hi everybody,

After discussing the many options that we received we are proud
to present the new, soon to be oficially registered,
Dutch Transhumanist Society:


And the winner of the contest and a $100 digital giftcertificate
from Amazon books is: Max More

Check out the new site at

(we'll be registering our URL soon with Internic)

Henri has done a great job updating our website and work is underway
to further improve the logo and textual content. We are also working
on other promotional materials, it's time to go 'live' in the Dutch
media with Transhumanism. As always we welcome any ideas for
improvement or links to be added.

Our gratitude goes to all who participated and helped turning a problem
into something that will benefit us as an organisation and our relations
with ExI. Thankyou all, very much, for you support and ideas.

Best regards,

Max, we'll work out the administrative details with you off-list

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