Re: SOC: "WIRED" survey on "the Digital Citizen"

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 22:32:07 -0800

My strong sense is that the creators of the criteria (not, it is worth
noting, the author of the piece) were looking specifically for *marketing
opportunities*. Either direct or indirect. Junk faxes, junk cold call
voicemail, junk pages included. *Shudder*.

Consider: if you own a PCS cellphone with integrated paging and voicemail,
you get three points with one product.

Consider: a Palm Pilot was probably not counted as a laptop (I am surmising
here). Why? Shareware SW predominates.

I think my explanation is plausible.

>work (here I work as a Webmaster), because I lack a cell phone and
>pager. Sometimes even the connected want to be unreachable.

Spot on.

>Lee Daniel Crocker <> <>


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