Re: TELEPORT, AGING AND DISEASES (was Re: Teleportation successful!)

Anders Sandberg (
12 Dec 1997 16:35:49 +0100

"Prof. Gomes" <> writes:

> When science will have got human bodies teleportation, it will be
> possible also to treat the data of the individual before reconstructing him/her,
> and correct problems like diseases, physical and menthal disabilities and
> even celular
> effects of aging... That's great !!! (Hope be alive until there...ah... and
> will save a lot of money to
> such treatment...)

Yes, but that is likely very far off, probably much further away than
even mature nanotechnology. Quantum teleportation is rather limited:
it works with individual particles, not complex particle systems (if
we could get that kind of quantum effects on the macroscale, then we
would go far, far beyond even the wildest dreams of nanotechnology
advocates), and the information is not changed in any way - any
interaction with the information would collapse it AFAIK (although you
might sneak around that by having the quantum information being
"debugged" by a quantum computer).

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