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Fri, 12 Dec 1997 12:31:48 -0300

When science will have got human bodies teleportation, it will be
possible also to treat the data of the individual before reconstructing him/her,
and correct problems like diseases, physical and menthal disabilities and
even celular
effects of aging... That's great !!! (Hope be alive until there...ah... and
will save a lot of money to
such treatment...)


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>I'm forwarding this to you, I think you'll find it *fascinating*!
>For all you sci-fi buffs out there, where I work, the American Institute of
>Physics, has just put out the most incredible press release. Teleportation
>has been achieved! It's only on a photon, but they figured out how to
>bypass Heisenberg's Uncertainly Principle to transfer the properties of a
>quantum particle from one location to another. And, since the process
>happens on the quantum level, it is instantaneous (as in faster-than-light!)
> Now another part of the process right now has to take place at light
>speed, so it's not FTL communication yet, but the core of the process is
>FTL. They believe they will be able to make the process work on atoms
>within three years, molecules with 10 years. This is truly a remarkable
>step forward. If you want to see a diagram and read more about it, go