Re: When was the last time an extropian post changed your life?

Max More (
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 22:01:50 -0800

At 03:12 PM 12/1/97 -0500, Jeffrey Fabijanic wrote:
>I run several mailing lists for the user groups/professional orgs I am
>involved with. If done properly, it takes almost no effort after the
>initial setup/tweaking.

The point is not that it's a big effort to run the email list (though it
does amount to significant work when you add in David's work running all
our other lists, the archive, and the web interface). The point of making
the list members-only (for posting, not for reading) is to internalize the
benefits -- to make it a membership benefit to boost the reasons to become
an Extropy Institute member. The more reasons there are to become a member,
the more members ExI will have, so the more it can do (not to mention
simply being able to survive, which just would *not* continue for much
longer at the old, low membership rates).


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