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Max More (
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 22:01:53 -0800

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At 10:00 AM 12/1/97 -0800, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
>Wait a minute...the difference between the member and non-member prices
>for Extro3 was about $5 less than the cost of membership, so joining
>would not have been a significant savings (unless the member prices
>listed on the website weren't true).

ExI members paid $25 less for EXTRO 3 than non-members. Membership at that
time was at a low of $30 (down from the previous $45). That meant that for
members who came to the conference, the remainder of their membership
benefits cost only $5. If you can get a members' newsletter, posting
ability to the list, entry to local meetings, and other benefits for only
$5, that's pretty good. For those going to the conference, becoming members
of ExI almost completely paid for itself.

>Well, Alcor is hardly a fair comparison: I get the emergency services
>of a trained cryonics team at my bedside for that money. The others are
>more comparable.

If you want them to wait *at* your bedside, that's quite a bit extra. :-)
Another comparison -- with another networking organization -- the
International Interactive Communications Society. The last time I checked,
annual dues were $125. Anyway, for the ExI dues, you do get the regular
(not just emergency) services of a trained extropian team in your media!

>Let's hope ExI can demonstrate this time around that giving them money
>actually will accomplish something. Rational capitalists, regardless
>of their commitment to a cause, won't part with a penny unless they think
>doing so will benefit the cause (and therefore themselves).

It already is accomplishing something, Daniel. If it weren't for our
members (especially those who have supported the organization beyond the
minimums) we would not be in existence. There would not have been the very
considerable amount of media exposure to these ideas, there would not be
conferences, and there would not be some of the offshoot activity including
other organizations that are starting up. At the very least, members will
allow us to keep doing what we've been doing. If we can increase
membership, *then* we can realistically consider doing more. I always
welcome suggestions for what else we could be doing (do you have
suggestions Daniel?) but such suggestions cannot be acted on without



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