Re: Totally logical?

Anders Sandberg (
26 Nov 1997 00:00:52 +0100

"Ramez Naam (Exchange)" <> writes:

> One technology that claims to allow humans to "rescript" themselves is
> Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). A good book on NLP is "NLP: The New
> Technology of Achievment", by the NLP Comprehensive training team,
> edited by Steve Andreas.
> Caveat: I've been experimenting with NLP on myself for the past few
> months, so my objectivity is quite possibly blurred. However I must say
> that I find it both very interesting in the abstract, and very effective
> when put to use.

I'm a bit ambivalent about NLP. I have not yet read up heavily on it,
but what I have read and tried seems to suggest that is mainly a large
toolbox of more or less different tools with no real underlying Big
Theory. That is of course not necessary as long as the tools work, and
some certainly do. But at the same time I notice the tendency for
"believers" of NLP to believe a little bit too strongly in it for my
taste - it seems to have some memetic "cult potential" (I do not
suggest it is a real cult, just that it somehow promotes a cohesion
among NLPers and their beliefs that I find unhealthy for critical
thinking and strict empirical testing). Since I also recognize that
this may just be my prejudices talking, I get even more ambivalent.

Are there any outside examinations of the efficiacy of NLP methods?

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